Scared Woman Sista Circles & Mermaids and Muffins


ALL life begins in the womb, it is the Seat of Creation! 


 “I love my womb, she pleases me.  

My womb’s in perfect harmony.  

My womb is dis-ease-free

There are no tumors, cysts, discharges, or PMS in my womb. 

My womb is happy and whole, free of any and all dis-ease. 

I send love to my womb.  I send peace to my womb. 

I send light and breath to my womb. 

My womb is the seat of my womanness, my power as a woman rests within me.

I release and let go of all hurts and disappointments as I affirm: 


I will turn every lesson into a blessing!”    


(Queen Afua’s Sacred Woman – A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit) 


Sacred Woman Sista Circles were created by Queen Afua to bring total awareness to our Seat of Creation through Ancient Kemetic teachings.  SW Sista Circles meet twice monthly to discuss Queen Afua’s guidebook to overstand how to “Go Within” to heal the feminine energy using the natural elements of nature: Ether (Mind), Air (Intellect), Fire (Intuition), Water (Feelings) and Earth (Grounding).  The guidebook provides a wealth of knowledge as it relates to health, wealth, divine femininity and in my opinion, best digested with like-minded Sistas ready to heal and blossom into the lotuses they were created to be.        


Mermaids & Muffins is the name I spiritually downloaded during one of my Healing by The Moon classes and felt it was the perfect name for our Circle.  The purpose of our Sista Circle would be cultivating a Sisterhood of women to become Light as feathers and move fluidly through life, having the tools needed to be placed and or replaced firmly on Our Thrones, Our Squares (Spirituality, Physicality, Emotionality and Finances) while enjoying our Mrkut (mer-koo) or pyramid: Family, Faith & Fun!  The muffins aspect of the name represents the sweetness of the nutrition we consume albeit food or thought to assist US will reclaiming Our birthright, to be Happy and Whole😊  Memaids & Muffins hopes to be beams of Light doing our part to help uplift the women in our communities, cites, countries and even the world. 


Forging and fortifying our legacies!

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