What To Expect:

Time Frame. Allow one hour for the actual shopping trip. You should receive an electronic shopping list prior to the shopping day to help us better manage our time. Any meal prep time is billed separately. Visit my Personal Meal Preparation page for more details on this service.

Fees. The starting rate is $25 per hour. Rates may vary based on location. The cost of food or ingredients is not included in this hourly rate and is 100% covered by the client.


Nutrition Education. Most of us are guilty of skimming the fine print on food labels, purchasing ingredients “out of habit” or just neglecting to look further into the dangers lurking in popular food items. Many of our favorites contain chemical additives, preservatives, and “foreign-tives” that our body will not recognize. As a result, these unnatural ingredients just lurk in our body, creating the optimum place for dis-ease to grow. With this service, I’ll be your guide to good nutrition (for one hour) and provide you with practical tips for clean eating as we grocery shop together.


You. We each play a role in ensuring you meet your wellness goals. Here’s how you can help me make your shopping experience a satisfying one:

Be punctual– You and I will schedule a day and time to meet, in advance. Please join me in honoring our agreed upon time.


Be open minded– I may introduce you to new ideas, as well as, new food items during our shopping experience. Embrace the change as much as possible! It’s my hope that I’ll leave you feeling enlightened and excited about creating wealth in your health.


Communicate any changes or cancellations- While we overstand you cannot control the uncontrollable, we ask that you communicate any changes to the scheduled time at least one hour prior to our meeting by calling: 804-251-0188.


Recommendation for First-Timers:

As an introduction to Holistic Alayé, I always recommend that my first-time clients take advantage of both The Shopping Experience and The Personal Meal Preparation services, during the first session. This offers you a step by step – behind the scenes glimpse into what it takes to prepare, cook and present a Holistic Alaye approved meal!

An example of this “two for one” session would be:

Hour 1- The Shoppng Experience

Hour 2-  Travel to your home and begin initial “prep work”

Hour 3- Complete “prep” and cook  meal(s) to completion


*The Shopping Experience and Personal Meal Preparation services do not have to be scheduled on the same day.

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