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It never fails, the moment you decide to begin a health food routine you get invited to all kinds of social gatherings – baby showers, girls night outs, birthday parties…and where there’s a party, there is party food! Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could choose from every single food item on the menu and not worry about feeling guilty?  Well, at a party where the food is provided by Holistic Alayé you can! And don’t forget, it's a cooking party too! Host A Cooking Party and enjoy live demonstrations, hands-on cooking fun and rave reviews from your guests, all in the comfort of your own home…sipping and socializing with you all prep during the party!

Shopping Experience

You’re planning a trip to the store to pick up food items for this week's meals and you already know to avoid the inside aisles because they house the forbidden snack foods that constantly tempt you to eat off your diet; oh the woes of navigating the grocery store! On a regular trip to the market, most of us follow some type of routine like this one. But knowing what to buy and how to really read a food label are part of the shopping trip that we need help with. As part of your shopping experience, I’ll accompany you to your local market and provide you with as much hands-on assistance to keep you on track with your wellness goals.

Spiritual Work

This process of purification has been created and developed by internationally-recognized holistic health practitioner, womb wellness coach and best- selling author, Queen Afua.  Under her tutelage, I have developed my overstanding of holistically healing through the elements of nature, Ether (mind); Air (intellect); Fire (intuition); Water (feelings)and Earth (Grounding).

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