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A Snapshot of My Story! (Turning the Tide)

My Grandmother once joked; She gave all her problems to me; medical problems that is –

from fibroids to high blood pressure, anemia to kidney stones.  And while genetics play a role, habits play an even greater role and some habits are not easy to break! Since I was a child I was bound for the hospital. My earliest memory of surgery was at the age of 8 when I had a hernia removed.  At 17, I had major surgery to remove cysts from around my uterus and Endometriosis from my uterine wall which led to years of taking birth control to assist in regulating blood flow.

Throughout those years, I have used various contraceptives to include Depo Vera (which aided in my weight gain) and “The Patch”. which I believe assisted my body in the development of blood clots.  All the while, I maintained a diet (habits) that that included chicken, fish and turkey, pasta, dairy, seafood, fruits and veggies. When I was about 23 years old I experienced a pain in my back that left me feeling paralyzed and hospitalized.  After a few painful days, it was finally determined that I was passing a kidney stone.  In an effort to avoid that pain (ever again in life), I became more mindful of my diet, my interest in natural health began to peak, began seeing a nutritionist (to received B12 shots) and health practitioner to received colonics.

In 2007, I met an awesome dude by the name of Flow The Juice Man who’s a wealth of knowledge and my gateway to natural (holistic) health.  He provided me with so much great information about my eating habits (what and how I can improve), however, to be most honest, I was not ready to incorporate those changes.  I was receptive to some but definitely not all like removing chicken from my diet.  No, not chicken, I could make all types of dishes with chicken and just ready to give it up.  My body began to tell me what I was trying to ignore, change was needed!  My cycle had become increasingly heavy over the years to follow, would last up to two weeks, my weight fluctuated to 187 pounds, and my blood pressure was in the “hypertension” range.  What was going on? Was I really missing that much of the point? Maybe I was.

On December 30, 2009, I decided that would be the last day I would eat chicken, turkey, most fish and even relax my hair.  I began to take Flow’s advice more seriously and not only was I eating better, I was also fasting.  It was so invigorating, I felt lighter and happier.  Finally, I began my path to knowledge of self!  But that too proved to be a tricky road as it happened again, that paralyzing pain which once left me hospitalized.  How could this be? I changed my diet and my overall relationship with food and kidney stones found their way back into my life and made a double impression.

Once again, I was hospitalized to have the stones removed and after a week of my release, I had to be readmitted as the pain resurfaced and I was begging for mercy.  Apparently a fragment of the stone was lodged in my urethra, resulting in yet another surgery.  So my quest for an even healthier lifestyle continued. What also continued was my increased blood flow during my menstrual cycles.  My doctor told me this was happening as I had developed uterine fibroids.  I tried several alternatives to regulate blood flow (both pharmaceuticals and natural remedies) however, nothing appeared to work.  After years of failed attempts to manage this depressing and sometimes embarrassing “dis-ease”, I opted for surgery. 

My doctor warned me of the dangers as a couple of my fibroids were extremely close to my uterine wall.  Then February 21, 2014, rolled around and it was time for my myomectomy – a procedure that removes fibroids while leaving the uterus intact in order to maintain fertility. 

By the end of the surgery I was told that 10 fibroids had been removed! I was on bed rest for 6 weeks and given a 6 months timeframe to completely heal.  During those first 6 weeks I juiced (fruits and vegetables) and ate balanced meals, compliments of my awesome Grandmother, (who came down from NYC to assist in caring for me.)  My recovery was sweet! I felt great until my 5th month of the recovery.  I began to experience slight pain and returned to my GYN for consultation and examination.  I remember the day vividly, it was the first time I had two ultrasounds in one session.  My doctor told me she could not find anything abnormal and was unsure as to why I was feeling pain.  After much conversation, she asked if we had taken a pregnancy test before coming to visit her.  The question threw me for a loop as pregnancy was the last thought on my mind.  Would you believe that we were pregnant?! Although my doctor congratulated us on this big news she shared her skepticism based on the results of the ultrasounds. She could not locate the Gestational Sac, GS which is a sign of early pregnancy. Over the next several days I had to return to my doctor every 24-48 hours to have my hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin is produced during pregnancy) levels checked.  My hCG appeared to rise after the first 48 hours of the initial visit however, the levels maintained the same but dropped in the days to follow.  My doctor informed that this pregnancy did not survive (considered Ectopic) and suggested a DNC or an injection of Methotrexate to prevent the cells from dividing.  I opted for the injection as I felt another procedure was too much for my body.  I must say everything about the injection was painful, to include the size of the needle and the burn of the medication solution. In the days to follow a familiar yet unknown feeling came over me.  It was a pain to my lower abdomen that left me in tears.  I was rushed to the nearest hospital only to be told I was bleeding internally and was rushed to my doctor’s hospital for emergency surgery.

So what happened?  The Methotrexate caused the embryo to emerge which caused my left fallopian tube to rupture, which was subsequently removed. Since that experience I decided to be serious and consistent “seriously consistent” with maintaining my health and Holistic Alaye (living) is the only way to achieve that goal.I want to bring life to and through my body.  I am happy to report I have not been hospitalized since the mis-carriage, I’ve been able to manage my blood pressure and weight. 

Whether its kidney stones, fibroids or hypertension I have come to realize – health is wealth and healthy deposits are necessary to ensure overall wellness.  Everything we eat plays an intricate role in growth, development and even the repair of cells.  The convenience of processed foods is causing more death and dis-ease at rapid rates.  It is important that we realize the food industry is focused on mass production which may provide us convenience but it does not guarantee nutrition.  (W)holistic and plant based ingredients and meals can virtually be medicine if consumed and prepared in healthful ways; minimizing or alleviating the need for frequent doctor’s visit and pharmaceuticals. Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food!  Let there be Light (Life)!

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