Greetings All!   I’m Shawanda Harrison, your Culinary Artisan here at Holistic Alayé, but you can call me Shayola.  I’m a big city girl living in a small-town world, here to share my love of all things natural and soul-full!


I suppose I’ll begin by telling you a little about the origin of my love affair.  As a child, I watched my mother and Bajan born grandmother “make miracles” in the kitchen, from my preferred seat – under the kitchen table! My grandmother housed her sewing materials there, so it was the perfect place for me!  Right there under the kitchen table is where it all began for me 😊. By the time I was fifteen I had the skills needed to prepare an entire Thanksgiving meal, with all the fixings a decorative table to match!  Since then my appreciation for holistic health has fueled my passion for cooking and creating led me here, to this moment, to Holistic Alayé !


I’ve spent the past 15 years learning the industry, refining recipes and unofficially introducing the concepts of health to friends and loved ones.  I am also a 2017, graduate of the Afua Queen Sacred Woman University and am now a Certified Sacred Woman Practitioner, which has developed my culinary arts from a healing & rejuvenation aspect, (body).  I am currently under the tutelage of Dr. Jewel Pookrum, expanding consciousness to nurture the brain (mind) and Queen Esther Sarr, expanding consciousness to nurture our inner/higher being (spirit).  

I am so excited to share with each of you something I believe will help you succeed in reaching your wellness goals primarily through mindfulness, plant-based meals, and desserts, all of which promote weight management, illness management, and overall dis-ease prevention! 


My team of supporter and I work hard to ensure Holistic Alayé creates each meal with not only your taste buds in mind but also your overall health.  Expect your mind, body, and spirit to thank you once you get a taste of freshness in each mouth-full or mind-full of nourishment.  Each ingredient mixed with the familiar flavors of traditional soul-foods.  It’s a treat that won’t leave you feeling guilty! 

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-Peace & Light

Shayola, The Artisan 


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