What is Holistic?

Holistic is characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. (Philosophy)

characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease.  (Medicinal) 

Source – Google 


What is Alayé?

Alayé has several meanings to include powerful, complete, intellectually gifted and one requiring many outlets to channel energy. Alayé also means “Life”, in a Yoruba subculture and that’s why it was chosen, as it is a journey to (w)holistic living!


How does Holistic Alayé work?

You are welcome to order from our weekly menu which can be found under the menu tab.  All other food services begin with a consultation to discuss your unique needs. During the consultation, we’ll discuss which of the services you want to receive (A Shopping Experience, A Cooking Party, Meal Preparation or Catering). Ideally, each client would take advantage of the full Holistic Alayé experience which involves a shopping trip to your local market to gain insight into your current personal shopping needs. Once you know the type of food you should be purchasing for your meals, I can provide instructional session(s) that teach you how to prepare or “prep” your meals.    


Can I go to the market independently?

Yes, however, I always like to recommend that I accompany first time clients -at least once- to assist you with deciding what food to purchase and which to avoid.


Will Holistic  Alayé shop for my food items without me present?

Yes, however, I always like to recommend that I accompany first time clients -at least once- to assist you with deciding what food to purchase and which to avoid.  You also have the options of having meals prepared and delivered to you.  Delivery rates apply.


How many meals or dishes are prepared within a session?

This may vary from client to client and is determined during consultation. My plan is usually to create 2-3 meals for one 3-hour session, 1 hour to shop, 2 hours to prepare.  


Are Sacred Woman One 2 One Consultations & Spiritual Baths only for woman?

Yes, this particular work is specific to woman.  Women possess the almighty power to birth greatness from her Sacred Seat of Creation, her womb!  Oftentimes, our womb is neglected, mal-nourished, used and abused and through what WE eat, say, do or a lack thereof.  Fret not, Man Heal Thyself Sacred Circles are becoming more available to Brothers interested in delving deeper into cleansing and healing. 


Are Spiritual Home and Office Cleanings specific to women? 

No, this service is available to everyone!


Who are Sacred Woman Sista Circles for? 

Sista Circles are for any Sista regardless of Her religion, belief system or cultural differences.  This circle was designed by Queen Afua to teach women of the Afrakan Diaspora how to obtain Liberation through Purification.  This is currently a closed group to the general public but open to women searching for deeper levels of healing/cleansing, those looking to birth or rebirth their life’s purpose, those looking to stand firmly on their square (Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally and Financially) as well as those looking to go through Sacred Woman Rites of Passage training under the tutelage of Queen Afua.  




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