What To Expect:

The Cooking. Come prepared to enjoy cooking demonstrations that are not only appetizing but also educational (to include “the why” and technique behind the cooking). And while observing is fun, getting in on the action is more fun- you and your guests can help prep too! The joy of eating what you’ve created with the ones you love is a party for your body, both inside and out!

Time Frame. The amount of time dedicated to a cooking party is roughly 6 hours- 3 hours for preparing food items and three hours demonstrating during the actual party. I’ll prepare at least two sample items to be enjoyed by guests upon their arrival (plus a dessert) and two sample items which will be cooked to their completion during the demonstration, midway through the party.

Fees. Custom rate packages are created based on the size of the guest list, menu items chosen and location of event. The price of the ingredients will be included in rate. Rates will be finalized prior to scheduled event and client is responsible for paying the full invoice prior to the event, by the agreed upon date.



Here are just a few ways you can help me make your party a success!

  • Provide a clean and safe workspace

  • Remove all dishes from sink(s)

  • Help me navigate by pointing out the location of your kitchenware – utensils, pots, pans, casserole dishes, etc. (this includes but not limited to pantry items)

  • Inform me of any potential safety hazards present in your kitchen or surrounding area (ie faulty electrical outlet)

  • And most important, be open-minded!



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