Your Specific Needs.

  • We’ll spend the first part of the consultation learning about your specific health needs.

  • I’ll ask a few questions like: have you been diagnosed with any chronic health problems that can be managed with diet and exercise (such as diabetes, hypertension, or obesity)?  or how often do you exercise per week?

  • Everything discussed during this consultation is confidential so feel free to disclose as much (Or as little) as your comfort allows. The more open you are about your needs, the better your meal plan will be.

  • *For those calling to take advantage of group services like Catering, questions will be more focused on the number of event guests, menu items requested, etc.

  • Your Wellness Goals. Once we discuss “where you are” with regards to your health and wellness then we’ll move on to explore “where you want to be”. You’ll have time to identify a few goals you’d like to address, together. Common client goals include (but are not limited to): weight loss, weight management, resolving dysfunction with dis-ease, consistency with “meal prep” and nutrition education.

  • An Individualized Plan For You.  Creating a plan helps us clarify what’s expected of me and what’s expected from you. The plan we create for you will be individualized and specific. Plans generally include the following: details about the service(s) you’ve chosen, specific ingredients to purchase, recommended meals to try, and general expectations related to your role and my role.

  • Within 48 hours of completing your consultation, you should receive a copy of your plan, for your review, along with an invoice for your $25.00 deposit securing your first hour of services.

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