Holistic Alayé offers an assortment of catering options to fit the needs of just about any event!  All dishes are meat and dairy free and yet filling fun to enjoy 😊


Taco Bar 

(Hard, soft tortillas and or bowls filled with herbed lentils, leafy lettuce, house-made pico de gallo, avocados, black olives, cheese, jalapeños, and mild, hot or spicy hot sauce(s)) 

Extras: Black Bean / Corn Salsa 

                 Red Cabbage/Carrot Slaw


Falafel, Tabouli & Coconut Maple Plantains 

(Fried Chickpea fritter stuffed with fresh parsley, mint, onions and garlic along with Tabouli HA style: local or organic parsley, cucumbers, tomatoes, quinoa and dried spices in a lemon zest, and fried plantains topped with a toasted coconut and maple syrup 


Lentil Burgers & Maple Syrup Sweet Potato Wedges 

(Savory Green Lentil Burgers topped with leafy lettuce, avocado, Roma tomatoes and house and garlic aioli sauce along with sweet potato wedges topped with cinnamon and vanilla maple syrup) 


Veggie Wraps 

(Herbed Lentil Balls wrapped with, local or organic microgreens, spinach, avocado, Roma tomatoes,

 garlic and lemon aioli)

(Black Bean Fiesta balls wrapped with local or organic microgreens, spinach, house-made Pico de Gallo, cheese, sweet and tangy pepper sauce) 

 (Falafel balls wrapped with local or organic microgreens, spinach, avocado, herbed quinoa, HA inspired cucumber tzatziki sauce 


Wild Rice Jambalaya  

(A medley of local and organic parsley, cilantro, basil, onions and sweet peppers, dried herbs and spices tossed with plant-based sausage and lime zest along with locally mix green salads


Add a Salad*






All mixed with cilantro, parsley, red peppers, red onions, cucumbers, pink Himalayan salt and pepper  


* prices vary according to party size and season

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